Tips for a Safe & Enjoyable Time while Driving in Mexico

Always Purchase Mexican Auto Insurance Prior to Entering Mexico

US and Canadian insurance is not recognized by Mexican authorities, and the consequences for driving uninsured can be severe. If you are in an accident or other vehicle-related problem while driving without Mexican insurance, it is highly likely that your vehicle could be permanently confiscated and you could be detained by the police.

Even if you are not concerned about protecting your own vehicle with Full Coverage Insurance, you should at a minimum always purchase Mexican Liability Auto Insurance to cover any damages you may cause to third parties. All of Adventure Mexican Insurance Services' Mexican auto insurance includes a minimum of $50,000 US dollars (limits can be increased) of combined single limit liability coverage, and the rates are extremely reasonable. Legal Service is also an important aspect of Mexican auto insurance that you should not go without. All of our Mexican insurance also includes Legal Service at no extra charge. This Legal Service covers attorney fees, and bail bond costs which may be incurred due to a vehicle related accident. (Refer to your Mexican auto insurance Terms & Conditions for full details).

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Drive Slowly

Driving conditions in Mexico are often very different from the US or Canada. For your safety, you must drive slowly and cautiously in Mexico.

Do not drive at night:

  • Most cases of highway crime occur at night.
  • Loose livestock often wanders onto roads at night and are difficult to see
  • Many vehicles in Mexico do not have functioning headlights and brake lights, creating dangerous situations

Always keep an eye out for:

  • Loose Livestock: Horses, cows, pigs, and dogs are often found wandering loose in the road.
  • Construction sites are often unmarked and equipment can be left on the road

Prevent your vehicle from being stolen:

Unfortunately, vehicle theft can be a problem in Mexico, and tourist vehicles are often the targets of theft.

  • Employ at least one type of anti-theft device: Steering wheel locks, kill switches, and other anti-theft devices are highly recommended.
  • Always park in a parking area that is clearly visible and contains other vehicles.
  • Never leave your vehicle parked on the side of the road or highway.
  • For overnight parking, always try to park in area that is gated or employs a security guard.

Rainy and Wet Conditions:

The dirt and oil on the road mixes with rain to cause extremely slippery conditions.

  • When it begins to rain, slow down to a crawl.
  • RVs / Motorhomes and vehicles with trailers should avoid driving in the rain as much as possible

Learn Local Driving Signals:

  • Flashing headlights from an oncoming vehicle is often a warning signal that you are both approaching a narrow place in the road that will not fit 2 vehicles.
  • To be safe, always let the other vehicle pass the narrow section first, then proceed once the area is clear
  • Familiarize yourself with Mexican road signs

Beware of 'Topes':

Other Tips:

  • In case of an accident or loss, you must report the claim in Mexico prior to entering the US in order for your Mexican Insurance to cover the claim. (See your Mexican Auto Policy for the toll free claims phone numbers).
  • Research your route for safety using current maps. It is also recommended to ask questions about your route from the Mexican Tourism Office, Travel Clubs, or at stopping points along your trip.
  • Have your car serviced prior to leaving on your trip.
  • Never operate your vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

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