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  Capital: Pachuca
State Population:

Hidalgo is a small mountainous state in central Mexico. Named after the leader of Mexican independence, Miguel Hidalgo, this state is known as an industrial center and also as home for the Toltecs, which built one of the greatest civilizations in Mexican history in the town now known as Tula.

Hidalgo is home to numerous native tribes, many of which still speak their own language. These indigenous tribes are responsible for a large part of the agricultural production in Hidalgo. The chief crops include maguey, corn, alfalfa, coffee, apples and sugarcane. Mining has also been an important occupation throughout the history of Hidalgo. The region is rich with a multitude of minerals including manganese, zinc, iron, copper, gold and silver as well as other materials such as gypsum, refractory clays, lime and cement.

State Website: www.hidalgo.gob.mx

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