RV and Motorhome Travel in Baja

RV baja

Baja is a very popular remote and exotic RV destination for US and Canadian Travelers

Experienced RVers who are looking for something a bit more daring and stimulating than parking your rig in Arizona for the winter should consider a Baja RV trip. Many of the most beautiful beaches in Baja are easily accessed by RV, so the size of your rig will not limit your ability to get out to many of the great Baja destinations.

However, if you have never taken an RV to Baja, you need to be warned that the Baja Highway 1 is extremely narrow. You will need to pay close attention to windy mountain turns, oncoming semi trucks, and other road hazards. If you are not confident in your RV driving skills, you may want to practice your driving techniques before crossing the border into Baja. RVs in Baja should never exceed 50 mph (the 80 km per hour speed limit), and expect to slow to a crawl when traversing some of the windy mountain passes.

Blind corner Baja Highway

Although the narrow roads and blind corners can be hair raising, you will have plenty of time to de-stress once you reach the beautiful relaxing beaches throughout Baja. There are well over 100 RV friendly campsites throughout Baja, and many are absolutely gorgeous. Facilities features and conditions can vary dramatically, but almost all RV camps should have toilets and showers (some of the remote camps may be scary in this respect, so you will be glad you have your own toilet and shower aboard your rig!)

If you have a 'toad', a small vehicle you tow behind your RV, many RVers enjoy using their 'toad' for day trips to destinations where the RV would be cumbersome.

The Baja Camping book has excellent descriptions of nearly every RV camp in Baja. There are other books out there as well.

If this is your first time to Baja, you may want to consider signing up with an RV caravan tour company. These RV caravans will do all of the planning and safety preparations for you so you can relax and enjoy Baja without having to worry about your logistics. Caravan participants also enjoy the group aspect of traveling in a caravan.

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