The Rules on Bringing Meat and Fresh Produce into Baja

Meat in Baja

In regards to bringing your own meat and produce with you across the border into Mexico, there are the written rules, and then what actually happens.

Based on the experiences of many seasoned Baja travelers, many 'tourists' never have had any problems bringing their own meat and fresh produce across the border into Mexico with them. Technically, the Mexican laws do not allow the import of meat and fresh produce, but most travelers do not report having any problems with this.

We are not recommending that our customers break the rules or attempt to smuggle meat and produce into Mexico. But we receive a lot of questions about this topic from our customers. Instead of disappointing our customers and telling them not to bring their ribs, steaks, and fresh veggies and fruits - we attempt to convey the experiences and stories of many of our experienced Baja traveling customers.

Produce in Baja

Many of our customers claim they have been bringing frozen meat (usually frozen in zip lock bags) and sacks of fresh produce into Mexico for years for their own personal consumption while camping in Baja. Many claim that the Mexican inspectors have seen the meat and produce in their vehicles, and did not comment on it or attempt to confiscate it. These food items are usually stored in coolers, bags, or built in refrigerators. Attempts to lie or conceal your food items is a very bad idea, but you do not need to announce that you are carrying produce and meat either. Tucking it away out of sight may help your odds.

At this point it does not seem that the Mexican authorities are very concerned about your personal supply of fresh produce or meat. As long as you are only bringing a supply for your personal use, there is a good chance that no one care. But there is always a chance that it could be confiscated. Please also read about canned foods and packaged foods that can be brought into Mexico with absolutely no problems.

Agriculture Checkpoint at Guerrero Negro

At the border of northern Baja California and Baja Sur (at Guerrero Negro), there is an agriculture checkpoint. This checkpoint seems to be most concerned about citrus fruits. When I stopped at the checkpoint, I showed the inspector my bananas, and he said 'no problem'.


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