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Auto Insurance for Baja

Although some of the rules for traveling to Baja are a little different than the rules for traveling to mainland Mexico, you still absolutely have to get Mexican auto insurance before you cross the border. The Mexican insurance requirements and laws are the same throughout the entire country of Mexico. If you are uncertain of why you need Mexico insurance, please read this page.

Even if you only plan to drive only a few miles into Baja, or you only plan to stay in Baja for a few hours, you still need to get at least one day's worth of Mexican insurance. In fact, close to the border is where a lot of accidents and insurance losses occur.

Common Misconceptions About Baja Mexican Insurance:

My US insurance company covers me in Mexico, so I don't need Mexican insurance.

This is partially true. Some US insurance companies do provide some level of physical damage and theft coverage while in Mexico (check with your US carrier for details), but this is usually only for 10-25 miles into Mexico. Once you travel further than the mileage limit, you have no coverage. Also, you still absolutely need to get Mexican liability coverage even if you only travel 1 mile across the border. No US company can provide Mexican LIABILITY COVERAGE for damages you cause to third parties. Mexican law requires that the liability coverage be provided by a Mexican insurance company. The Mexican liability insurance acts as your "stay out of jail pass."

I am only going to Mexico for a few hours, so I don't need to get Mexican insurance.

This idea is completely wrong and dangerous. The Mexican border towns are where a lot of accidents and losses occur. Even if you only plan to spend just 15 minutes in Mexico with you car, you need to purchase at least one day's worth of Mexico insurance coverage.

I plan on driving to an RV park and staying for a week, so I will only buy Mexican insurance for one day while am driving to the RV park, and one day for when I driving back. I don't need insurance while I am parked at the RV park.

This concept is often called Day-In and Day-Out policies. Although this technique can save customers money on premium, it is also a very dangerous proposition. There have been many cases of RV park fires and other disasters that have completely destroyed motorhomes and other vehicles while they are parked in RV parks. The chances of this happening is small, but when it happens, customers potentially can lose everything and have no insurance coverage. For this reason, Adventure Mexican Insurance does not offer Day-In or Day-Out policies. Our job is to advise you how to protect yourself, not how to roll the dice.