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Mexican Auto Insurance

Driving a van through Mexico

Adventure Mexican Insurance offers both Full Coverage & Liability Only coverage for autos, SUVs, vans, and trucks driving in Mexico. You can Purchase & Print your Mexico Motorcycle Insurance right now from your own computer or mobile device.

Becuase we work with the four best Mexican insurance companies, we always have the best rates and coverage for our customers' needs.

Mexican Auto Insurance Special Features:

We are extremely selective in choosing the Mexican insurance companies that we represent. As a rule, Adventure Mexican Insurance will only work with Mexican insurance carriers who allow vehicles to be repaired in the US or Canada. Believe it or not, there are a number of Mexican carriers who require that customers repair their vehicles in Mexico - even if the car is drivable. This means you would have to leave your vehicle in Mexico for weeks, or possibly months, while it waits to be repaired.

Adventure Mexican Insurance is different. We want to make the claims process as easy and convenient as possible for our customers. As long as you report your claim while in Mexico, you will have the option to repair your vehicle in the US or Canada. Please read our claims instructions page for details on how to report claims.

Please read our Coverage Descriptions page for complete details of the Mexican auto insurance coverage we offer. Our Mexico insurance covers autos, RVs, Motorcycles, trucks, shuttle busses, and more!

In the event that the vehicle is not drivable and the vehicle is too far from the border to be towed back to the US, we provide a special Platinum Travel Assistance program which will pay for up to 4 plane tickets back to the US or Canada for the people in your travel group.