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Mexican Auto Insurance Information

Mexican Auto Insurance is required if you are driving in Mexico

If you are driving a US or Canadian registered vehicle (US or Canadian license plates) into Mexico, you will need to purchase auto insurance for Mexico.

US and Canadian Auto Insurance is not valid in Mexico

US and Canadian auto insurance is not recognized by Mexican authorities. Mexican authorities only recognize auto insurance underwritten by a Mexican insurance company.

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How this website works

Q: How do I get my policy?

A: You will actually print your Mexican insurance certificate directly from our website in less than 5 minutes! The process is incredibly simple:

1: Get your instant quote now!

You will be provided with a few coverage options from each of our Mexican insurance companies. You can read full descriptions of the coverages on your quote results page.

2: Fill out the online application

Once you select the coverage that is right for you from your quote results page, you will then fill out our quick online information form. Here you will enter your personal and vehicle information.

3: Pay for your insurance policy

You will pay for your insurance policy using our SECURE Online credit/debit card payment gateway. (We use a highly secure credit card processor).

4: Print your Mexican insurance certificate - OR - Save to your Mobile Device

Your payment usually takes 5-15 seconds to be processed, then you will be taken to a page where you can print your Mexican insurance certificate. Once you print your certificate, you are done! Just make sure to take the certificate with you when you leave for your Mexico road trip!

Your policy can also be re-printed from our website 24 hours a day. Simply go to our Login page to re-print or renew your policy. You will use your E-mail address and a password to login to your online account.

The Mexican authorities now accept a digital copy of your Mexican insurance policy as proof of Mexican insurance. So many of our customers now show the Mexican authorities the digital copy of their policy on their smartphone or tablet. Your digital policy will also include the claims numbers for you to call in case you need to contact the Mexican insurance company.

We can also E-mail, fax, or mail your policy to you: contact us for details.

5: Renew your Mexican insurance online!

Once you create a Mexican insurance policy through our Website, you will have the ability to renew your policy in seconds the next time you take a Mexican road trip. We store all of your policy information, so you will never have to re-enter all of your personal or vehicle information. Simply enter your new dates, purchase, and print!