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Mexican Auto Insurance is Now REQUIRED BY LAW in Baja!

No, this isn't a marketing ploy or scare tactic to sell more Mexican auto insurance - Baja (Norte) passed a new law which requires all vehicles, local and foreign, to carry Mexican liability coverage.

As of January 1, 2012, the state of Baja (Norte) made it mandatory that all vehicles need to carry proof of Mexican liability insurance.

How is this different?

Prior to 2012, drivers were only required to demonstrate proof of financial responsibility if they were involved in an accident which caused damage to third parties. Before 2012, Mexican authorities would only ask for proof of liability insurance AFTER a driver was involved in an accident.

NOW, Baja police are authorized to request proof of Mexican liability insurance during any routine traffic stop, and they are authorized to ticket any vehicle which is not carrying Mexican liability insurance.

Have Baja police been ticketing tourists who do not carry Mexican auto insurance?

Some of our customers have reported that the Baja police have asked for proof of Mexican insurance during traffic stops, but luckily, all of our customers were carrying copies of their Mexican auto insurance policies with them. If they had not had insurance, most likely, they would have received traffic tickets.

When traveling in Mexico, tourists should take all precautions to avoid drawing attention to themselves from authorities. The last thing tourists want is to give the police a reason to bother them. Driving to Mexico without Mexican auto insurance has always been a very risky idea - read a horror story about not having Mexican auto insurance - but now it is actually required by law in Baja.

Do the Mexican auto insurance policies on this website meet the requirements of the Baja authorities?

Yes, every Mexican auto insurance policy sold through this website meets or exceeds the third party liability limits required by the state of Baja. Our liability only policies meet the required limits, and our 'full coverage' (physical damage & theft) policies also meet and exceed the third party liability requirements.

Where can I read the law?

The law is posted on the Baja (Norte) government website here: Read the Law

The law is written in Spanish, but you can search for the term: 'seguro de responsabilidad civil' in the document. 'Seguro de responsabilidad civil' translates to 'third party liability insurance'.