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Mexican Jetski and Personal Watercraft Insurance


Mexico is a great place to bring your jetskis, Sea Doos, and other personal watercraft. The Sea of Cortez in particular is great for personal watercraft due to its small waves and warm water.

If you plan to bring your water toys to Mexico, Adventure Mexican Insurance offers many solutions for properly insuring your personal watercraft.

Important Mexico Insurance Tips for Personal Watercraft

jetski trailer insurance

1: You must list your jetskis as towed units on your Mexican auto insurance policy if you are towing your jetskis behind your vehicle.

Adventure Mexican Insurance offers collision and theft coverage for jetskis and personal watercraft while the jetskis are on land and while being towed. For liability purposes, you must list all towed units on your Mexican auto insurance policy.

2: You will need to purchase a separate On-the-Water Liability Policy for your jetskis while the jetskis or personal watercraft is on the water.

Adventure Mexican Insurance offers Mexican On-the-Water Liability policies for personal watercraft. This insurance can be purchased by the day or annual policies are available at a discount rate.

Your Mexican auto policy coverage stops once the watercraft is being launched or is afloat in the water.

We highly recommend purchasing a Mexican On-the-Water Liability Policy for personal watercrafts due to the increased risk of operating these types of watercraft near swimmers and other boats. Not having Mexican liability insurance on your watercraft can result in the same legal nightmares as not having Mexican auto insurance.

The Mexican Watercraft Liability Policies can be purchased in minutes over the phone by calling our office at 800-485-4075 - we can then email the policy to you immediately.

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