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Mexican Insurance for Trailers and Towed Units


When driving to Mexico, you may want to bring a little extra gear along with you to enhance the trip, and Adventure Mexican Insurance can provide coverage solutions for these items. Whether it's some toys such as a boat, ATV's or motorcycles, or maybe some additional living space like a slide-in camper or 5th wheel trailer, you need to make sure these extra items are properly insured. We encourage you to contact us with questions and let the insurance experts at Adventure Mexican Insurance help you with your specific insurance needs.

Important - All items that are being towed or trailered must be listed on your Mexican insurance policy!

Failing to list a towed unit on your Mexican insurance policy could result in voiding coverage on your primary vehicle as well.

Our online Mexican insurance quote and application pages have a section for listing all of your towed units. get quote now >>

Please contact our offices directly if you have any questions about how to properly insure your towed units: 1-800-485-4075

Trailers and Campers

Adventure Mexican Insurance offers both full coverage or liability only coverage on all types of trailers and campers. Trailers are defined as anything designed to be pulled behind a car, truck or van. Examples would be RV and camper trailers, 5th wheel trailers, cargo or utility trailers, toy hauler trailers, flatbed trailers and car dollies. Slide-in campers or over-the-cab campers must also be listed on your insurance policy.


Boats that can be towed behind a personal vehicle can be insured for both full or liability coverage with Adventure Mexican Insurance while being towed. Separate policies are needed for boats while they are in the water. Please read the following page about how to Mexico insurance for boats while on the water.


Jet skis or personal watercraft can be insured while in tow for full coverage or liability coverage with Adventure Mexican Insurance. The insurance experts at Adventure can get you set up with the right company and the right coverage for your needs. NOTE: Separate policies are available for these items while they are in the water. Read more about Mexican jetski insurance

ATVs, Quads, Motorcycles, Scooters, Golf Carts, Dunebuggies, and Sandrails

Adventure Mexican Insurance can offer Mexico insurance coverage solutions for all of these vehicles while in tow. We can also provide a separate Mexico insurance policy for these items while being driven on roads. Most Mexican insurance companies will not offer coverage for offroad vehicles or motorcycles, but Adventure Mexican Insurance has many solutions to get you covered. Due to the complexity of insuring these items properly, we recommend you contact Adventure if you are planning on towing any of these items to Mexico. Please call our office if you need assistance with insuring your off-road vehicles in Mexico 1-800-485-4075. You can read more about Mexico insurance for quads, Mexican insurance for off road motorcycles, and Mexican insurance for Dune Buggies and sand rails.

Towed vehicles or 'Toads'

Towed vehicles can be insured for full or liability coverage through Adventure Mexican Insurance. Towed vehicles are any vehicle towed directly behind the primary insured vehicle. This can include any car, pickup truck, SUV or van.

Important note - any towed vehicle will require its own separate Mexico insurance policy while detached from the primary vehicle or being driven under its own power in Mexico. Please contact Adventure for assistance with setting your coverage up correctly.

Coverage options for towed units

At a bare minimum, all towed units must be listed on your Mexican auto insurance policy for liability coverage. If you choose to insure your towed units for liability only, this will protect you if your towed unit were to damage a third party while being towed. Example: If your trailer swung around and damaged a third party vehicle that was driving next to you, the liability insurance would pay for the damages your towed unit caused to this third party.

If you also want FULL COVERAGE - theft and collision coverage - for your towed units, you can declare the actual cash values for those units during the online Mexican insurance application. go to application>>

Not all Mexican companies provide theft & collision coverage for certain types of towed units, so please call us if our online system is not allowing you to insure your towed unit for a value. Adventure may actually be able to offer 'full coverage' for that towed unit over the phone. When in doubt, please call our office.

Please contact our experienced insurance agents at Adventure with questions at 1-800-485-4075.