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Mexico Insurance for Cabover Campers

cabover camper

While cabovers campers, sometimes called slide-in campers, are not technically towed units (they do not have wheels and they are not trailers), you will still need to make sure to list your cabover camper on your Mexican auto insurance policy as a towed unit.

Adventure Mexican Insurance can provide both Full Coverage (theft and physical damage) or Liability Only coverage for your cabover camper while it is in Mexico.

Mexican insurance policies provide insurance coverage while the camper is attached to the primary vehicle (pickup truck) and while the camper is detached and standing on its own.

It is very important to understand that Adventure Mexican Insurance's Mexico insurance policies will continue to cover your cabover camper while you camper is removed from your pickup truck.

BEWARE: Some other Mexican insurance companies may deny insurance claims if your camper was damaged while it was not attached to the primary vehicle!

NOTE: Our Mexican insurance policies may not cover your cabover camper if it is abandoned for long periods of time without the primary vehicle, and the primary vehicle (pickup truck) is not allowed to leave the country while the camper remains parked in Mexico. Please contact us if you plan to leave your camper by itself in Mexico for long periods of time. 800-485-4075

Please also read our information page about Mexico insurance for 5th wheel trailers.

Technique for insuring you cabover camper through Adventure Mexican Insurance

1: Your cabover camper will need to be listed on the Mexican auto insurance policy for your primary vehicle (the pickup truck that is carrying the camper).

2: You can get an instant Mexican insurance quote on our website. Make sure to list your camper as a towed unit during the instant quote application. If you want Full Coverage (theft and physical damage), you need to list the value of your camper in the towed units section. If you only want liability coverage only (this could protect you if your camper damaged third parties), you will list the value of your towed units as $0 - Liability Only. NOTE: Even for liability only coverage, you must list the camper as a towed unit. Failure to list the camper could result in insurance claims being denied.

3: Because we work with multiple Mexican insurance companies, you will receive multiple insurance quotes on the same page. Make sure to look at the US / Canada labor rates the Mexican insurance company will pay for repairs made in the US or Canada. This is important because almost all Mexico insurance claim repairs for campers end up being made in the US or Canada. Adventure offers many Mexican insurance policies that will pay the current US / Canada hourly labor rates, so you will not need to pay any difference in labor rate limits for repairs made in the US or Canada.

4: You can then choose the policy that is best for your situation and purchase & print your policy directly from our website. You are also welcome to call our office directly so our experienced insurance agents can answer your questions or write the policy for you over the phone. We can then email or fax your policy to you in minutes.