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US RV Insurance Extends Coverage Into Mexico

Did you know that some US motorhome insurance will extend physical damage and theft coverage into Mexico?

Adventure Mexican Insurance is proud to offer our customers this specialty US RV insurance that will extend coverage into Mexico.

Why is this important?

A specialty US motorhome insurance policy which extends physical damage and theft coverage into Mexico will save you hundreds of dollars on your Mexican insurance!

How does this work?

If you purchase a specialty US motorhome insurance policy through Adventure Mexican Insurance, you will no longer need to carry physical damage and theft coverage on your Mexican insurance policy (you will only need a 'Liability Only' Mexican insurance policy). Liability Only Mexican insurance policies are significantly less expensive than 'Full Coverage' Mexican insurance policies.


An RV valued at $50,000 will generate a Mexican 'Full Coverage' premium of around $450 for 6 months in Mexico. But if you have a special US RV insurance policy which covers physical damage & theft in Mexico, your Mexican insurance premium will be around $125 for 6 months. You would save over $300! Motorhomes with higher values will save even more money.

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