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Mexican Insurance Claims Procedures


What to do in the event of a claim while in Mexico:

You will receive a Mexican toll-free claims phone number when you purchase your Mexican Auto Insurance policy. The claims phone number works from anywhere in Mexico, and bi-lingual operators are available 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.

NOTE: Cell phones and satellite phones are extremely helpful if you are involved in an accident where a traditional phone is not accessible. If you are using a cell phone or satellite phone, you should test to make sure you can reach the claims phone number when you first enter Mexico. If the cell/satellite phone has a US/Canadian phone number, you may need to dial the Mexico country code 011-52 and then use the non-toll free Mexican Insurance Company phone number to access the claims department.

Read important information on using cell phones in Mexico and using satellite phones in Mexico.

If you are in a vehicle related accident while in Mexico, you should call the toll-free claims phone number immediately to report the accident. The operator will then work with you to send a local claims adjuster to meet with you at your location.

All claims must be reported prior to leaving Mexico!

Read Specific Claims Information for each of our Mexican Carriers:

Information you should obtain if your are in an accident:

As long as you report the accident prior to leaving Mexico (and meet with a Mexican Claims Adjuster), our Mexican insurance companies allow you to repair your vehicle in the US.

If the vehicle is not drivable due to an accident, the vehicle may be towed across the border to the US to be repaired. (see Terms & Conditions of policy for details)