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Mexican Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Does my US insurance cover me in Mexico?

No! Mexican authorities only recognize auto insurance written through Mexican insurance companies. More information on why you need Mexican auto insurance

But my US insurance says I have Mexico coverage?

This is probably the greatest source of misinformation and confusion about auto insurance in Mexico! Most US insurance does not provide any type of Mexico coverage at all - BUT, some US insurance companies do cover the following: Physical Damage & Theft within 25 miles of the border. IMPORTANT: This means that if you stay within 25 miles of the border, your US insurance may pay for damages to your vehicle or if your vehicle is stolen - BUT your US insurance will not provide any type of Mexican liability insurance which is required by the Mexican authorities. So if you cause any damages to third parties, your US insurance provides absolutely no coverage at all. Please read a real life example of what can happen when you have no Mexican liability insurance.

At a minimum, you always need to purchase Mexican liability insurance. We also suggest that you read your US insurance policy very carefully to see if they offer any type of Mexico coverage at all. If they do cover a few miles across the border, you will still need Mexico Collision & Theft coverage if you plan to travel further than your US policy's coverage area.

What do I do in the event of an accident or theft of my vehicle?

All of the Mexican insurance companies we represent have 24/7 toll-free claims phone numbers for you to call in the event of a claim. YOU MUST REPORT YOUR CLAIM WHILE IN MEXICO, or your claim could be denied. Please read more about specific claims instructions.

Will the claims people speak English?

All of the phone operators who take the claims calls are bi-lingual. The Mexican insurance companies make every effort to have English speaking claims adjusters dispatched out to meet with you. In all of areas frequented by tourists, nearly all of the claims adjusters are bi-lingual.

Do I need insurance if I am only going to Mexico for a few hours?

Yes, the same rules apply. Adventure Mexican Insurance allows you to purchase your Mexico insurance in 24 hour segments, and you can start your policy at any time of day.

Can I add days to my policy if I plan to stay a few more days?

We can easily renew your policy for the extra days you plan to stay in Mexico. This is a quick easy process that you can do online through your account, or you can contact our office. Before you leave on your trip, we always recommend purchasing an extra day or two of insurance if you think you might stay longer - then you do not have to worry about adding days while you are in Mexico!

Can I cancel my policy?

Yes. If you purchased a daily policy, we can cancel the policy if you request the cancellation prior to the effective date. There are no cancellations on daily policies once the policy has started. For 6 month or Annual policies, we can cancel the policy within the first 20 days of the effective date, but you will be charged the daily rate for each day the policy is effective. IMPORTANT: You must contact our office in order to cancel a policy. We will give you instructions on how to request the cancellation. Please read our refund policy for further details.

Can I transfer my Mexico auto insurance policy to a different vehicle?

Yes. We are happy to provide this service for you at no charge (you just pay the difference in insurance premium if the new vehicle generates a higher premium than the original vehicle). Please contact our office for instruction on how to do this.

Can people with a Mexico drivers license be covered by this insurance?

No. This Mexican 'tourist' auto insurance only covers drivers with valid US or Canadian drivers licenses. If you have both a Mexican and a valid US/Canadian drivers license, this is OK. If the driver does not have a valid US or Canadian drivers license, the claim will be denied. (If you have a license from a country other than the US or Canada, please contact our office. Our insurance does cover European and other NOn-Mexican drivers licenses).

Will this insurance cover a vehicle with Mexican license plates?

No. This Mexican 'tourist' auto insurance only covers US or Canadian registered vehicles. If you plan to import your vehicle into Mexico (get Mexico license plates), please contact our office because our 'tourist' policies do not cover vehicles with Mexican plates. However, we do have some 'domestic' auto insurance options for you. Contact us for details.

How do I know this website is a real company?

Give us a call, and we will be happy to speak with you. Our website is designed for your convenience, but if you feel more comfortable speaking with us over the phone - please call us : 800-485-4075. You can also look up our insurance licenses in multiple US states by using this list that we provide to you as a courtesy. Departments of Insurance