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Government Information for Mexico Travel

The following government websites give official information and rules for traveling to Mexico. You can count on these websites providing the most current and official information.

USAUSA Government Websites

US Department of State - US Department of State information on travel to Mexico.

US Embassies in Mexico - If you need to locate a US embassy or US Consulate in Mexico.

US Customs - Helpful information for Mexico travel or importing / exporting items across the border.

New Passport Requirements

Insurance Departments - A list of a number US Departments of Insurance websites. You can use these links to research the license status of Adventure Mexican Insurance Services, Inc.

CanadaCanadian Government Websites

Canada Embassies in Mexico - A list of Canada embassies and Consulates in Mexico.

MexicoMexican Government Websites

Mexico Tourism Board - Helpful resource for travel to Mexico

Mexico Ministry of Tourism