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Drinking the Water in Mexico - Safety Tips

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What You Need To Know About Mexico's Drinking Water

We've all heard of Montezuma's Revenge, but with a few tips you can enjoy your Mexican vacation worry-free. The rumors may leave you thinking that Mexico's water is toxic, but that's not the case. Many native people drink the local water everyday. So why aren't they getting sick? Simply stated, Mexican water is just different. When Americans drink the water it upsets our stomachs. With a few general rules you can avoid serious inconvenience on your next trip to Mexico.

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So, what's different about the water south of the border? Just like it is in the US, water in Mexico has tiny parasites floating around inside. The thing is, parasites in Mexico's water are different than those found in our own tap water. Your body can tolerate parasites when it grows familiar with them, so naturally we don't get sick from water we grow up drinking. When we introduce foreign parasites into our body, that's a different story. Just remember, when Mexicans visit the United States they can get sick from our water as well.

Now that you understand what's making vacationers sick, here is how to avoid getting "The Revenge" yourself. Obviously, the best way to stay healthy is to only use bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth, but that can get expensive over time. The majority of hotels supply at least one bottle of water per day for your room and some of the large hotels have their own water filtration system. Wherever you stay, make sure to speak with the front desk about the water on site. Typically, the more touristy the location, the more likely the water in nearby hotels and restaurants will be safe.

Rules to Play it Safe:

If you do experience water related distress, Pepto Bismol or any anti diarrheal should help. Most of the brand-name medications used in the US or Canada are also available at markets or pharmacies in Mexico.

If you really want to save money while driving to Mexico, bring a water bottle along with other items you take in your car. Fill it up every morning before you head out for the day and get refills at restaurants and cantinas that have filtered water or water jugs. For the adventurous travelers who plan on staying in more remote areas, you can find a variety of water purification products at your local camping store.

Another thing about restaurants is to make sure the water used to make ice is filtered as well. Again, this is usually not a problem in more populated areas, but always ask first to be safe. It's tempting to find the most authentic locations to devour Mexican cuisine, but the meal may not outweigh the consequences. Fortunately, you're always safe choosing beer or a delicious Mexican soda. So, while Montezuma's Revenge may seem like a worry, as long as you make smart choices you can count on an amazing vacation.