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Gas Prices in Mexico

SEPTEMBER 2016- Current Mexico Gasoline Prices

If you are resisting the idea of taking a road trip to Mexico due to gas prices, you need to look at the current gas prices in Mexico. Mexico gas prices are currently much lower than US gas prices, so you may even save money by driving to Mexico instead of a US destination!

The prices below were recorded in Baja - but the entire country of Mexico should be fairly close to these prices.

We have already converted liters to gallons for your convenience:

Regular Unleaded- Magna: $2.75 US Dollars per gallon

Premium Unleaded- Magna Premium: $2.92 US Dollars per gallon

Diesel: $2.85 US Dollars per gallon

For more information about buying fuel in Mexico and how to convert gallons to liters and liters to gallons, please visit our Mexico gas page.