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Passport Cards
For Land Travel Across US - Mexico Border

Passport Cards are Now Available

Applications for the new wallet sized Passport Cards - or PassCards - are currently being accepted. The US Department of State expects to start mailing the actual Passcards to applicants in the Fall of 2008. The sooner your apply, the sooner your Passcard will be mailed out.

passport card

NOTE: Passport Cards now work with the new ***Ready Lane border crossing lanes. Using a Passport Card can get you across the border faster by using the special Ready Lane at certain border crossings.

The Passcard will act as a US Passport ONLY for LAND TRAVEL across the US/MEXICO and US/CANADA borders. It is specifically designed for people who drive across these borders.

The Passcard will NOT work for AIR TRAVEL.

The Passcard is less expensive than a passport, and it will be easier to carry because it will be the size of a credit card. The cost is $49.95 - and the Passcard is good for 10 years.

You can read more about the Passcards at the US Department of State website:


Read more about the new ***Passport requirements for traveling to Mexico.