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Bring Copies of Passport, Mexican Insurance,
Drivers License, & Registration

Before entering Mexico, make sure to make 3 photocopy sets of the following documents

You want to place one set of these documents in the following locations:

Make sure to keep at least one set of copies outside of your vehicle in case your vehicle is stolen!

Vehicle theft does not happen very often with our Mexican insurance customers, but when it does happen, the situation is made a lot more confusing and frustrating if the customer kept their only copy of their Mexican insurance policy in the glove compartment of the vehicle that was stolen. If this happens, the customer no longer has their Mexican insurance paperwork, so they do not even know who to call to help them file their Mexican insurance claim!

At Adventure Mexican Insurance, we do everything we can to help customers avoid this situation. We provide wallet sized Mexican insurance ID cards that are printed out with your Mexican insurance policy from our website. These wallet sized cards list the Mexican insurance claims phone numbers and the policy information. But some customers still end up throwing the wallet sized ID cards in their glove compartment. So please - make sure to put the wallet sized ID card in your wallet, and keep it outside of your vehicle while you are away from the vehicle.

You should also keep a photo copy of your passport and vehicle registration in your wallet as well for the same reasons listed above. If your passport is lost, it will be much easier to get through immigration with a photocopy of your passport. If you have no record of your passport, the immigration process could take a lot longer.

A copy of your vehicle registration will also be needed in order to prove you are the owner of the vehicle. This is especially important if your vehicle were impounded in Mexico for any reason. So make sure to keep a photo copy of your registration in your wallet as well.

While you're at it - make copies of your drivers license as well.

Finally, we highly recommend that you give a set of these copies to a friend or family member in the US or Canada who will be accessible if needed while your are in Mexico. In the worst case scenario where all of your documents were lost, you could at least contact your friend and have them send the copies to you via fax or email.

To sum things up, a few minutes of making photo copies of your important paperwork can save you hours headaches and frustration if things go south while in Mexico.