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US and Canadians are Required
to Have a Valid Drivers While Driving in Mexico

If you plan to operate a vehicle while in Mexico, make sure you bring your valid US or Canadian drivers license.

Passports are now required for identification purposes while traveling in Mexico, but you will also need to bring your US or Canadian drivers license if you plan to operate a vehicle while your are in Mexico. Driving a vehicle without a valid drivers license could get you in trouble with the Mexican authorities, and your Mexican auto insurance requires that all drivers to have a valid drivers license.

So if there is any potential that you will be operating a vehicle in Mexico, make sure to bring your valid drivers license.

Temporary paper drivers licenses technically should work, but remember this is Mexico. There is no telling if the Mexican authorities will accept your paper temporary license as valid. For this reason, we highly recommend postponing your trip to Mexico or finding another driver if you are not going to be carrying your permanent valid drivers license in Mexico.