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Not a Single Case of Swine Flu in Baja or Sonora in 2009

Did you know that there have been no documented cases of H1N1 swine flu virus in the Baja Peninsula or Sonora, Mexico?

Did you know that almost all of the reported Mexican drug gang violence has occurred in only a few specific areas of Mexico?

If you just read the news headlines, there hasn’t been much good news recently concerning Mexico. It sounds like the entire country is in peril when the reality is that most of the country is safe and ready to welcome tourists. All this bad publicity for Mexico means fantastic vacation values and opportunities for wise travelers willing to venture south of the border. The majority of the country has not been touched at all by the H1N1 flu virus or the violence between rival drug cartels which tends to be isolated in small pockets along certain border towns. So if you want to experience Baja or Sonora for less money and without the usual crowds, now is your time to travel!

This year has brought some serious challenges to Mexico tourism, a recently booming industry that reached $13 billion last year alone. The global economic downturn, along with well-publicized escalation of the turf wars between various drug cartels has caused many folks to think twice about heading to Mexico. Along with the increased security requirements and passports becoming a necessity to cross the border, the outbreak of the swine flu was the last thing the tourism industry in Mexico needed. The Mexican government was very pro-active in dealing with the situation and helped to keep infestation levels as low as possible throughout Mexico. While the flu pandemic is still spreading throughout the world, it is very much under control in Mexico. While Mexico has had the most reported cases of the H1N1 virus, the majority of the country did not experience any cases. In fact, there have been no confirmed cases of the virus in Baja California or the neighboring state of Sonora. The reality is that you are more likely to encounter the virus in California, New York or Massachusetts than in many of the tourist havens in Mexico such as La Paz, San Felipe, Puerto Penasco or San Carlos. Would you cancel your trip to Disneyland because of reported problems in New York City? Travel to Mexico City especially by airplane may still be cause for concern, but driving to Baja and Sonora poses no greater risk for exposure to the flu virus than venturing out to your local grocery store in California.

Hotels in Mexico have seen an occupancy drop of more than 25% in April according to the Mexico Tourism Board. Several hotels in major vacation destinations have been operating below half of their occupancy capacity. To combat this, hotels are dropping their rates and offering attractive upgrades. Many folks have written off Mexico but this means there are exceptional vacation values for those itching for a Mexican adventure.

So if you are contemplating a road trip to Mexico, but the recent headlines are causing you to reconsider, just remember that not one single swine flu case has been reported in Baja or Sonora. Now is your time for a great Mexican road trip at a great value and without the crowds!