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Neveria Rocco: Handmade Ice Cream

Todos Santos’ 19-year-old popsicle shop in a historical adobe

By Maria

Rocco Popsicle Baja

Discovering a popsicle shop one hot afternoon in Todos Santos has led to frequent visits. Neveria Rocco is located in an old adobe that’s painted strawberry-ice-cream pink, in the historic section of Todos Santos.

The man who owns the shop and makes all of the ice cream and popsicles says he’s been doing it for 19 years. A case reveals over a dozen homemade ice cream flavors, and my friends go in for scoops of guava and rocky road. The popsicle case is a rainbow of options—there are yogurt-based popsicles with fruit pressed into their sides, and sorbet options from guava and passionfruit to melon and tamarind and walnut. I consider them all, before giving in to my favorite: coconut sorbet. These popsicles cost just 20 pesos (about a dollar) and they are so good—right down to the wooden popsicle stick.

This place is well loved: One Yelp reviewer wrote that they drive an hour just to come here.

Rocco ice cream Baja

Around the corner is an amazing little bookstore, El Tecolote Libros, which is also worth a visit. The bookshop is amazing not just for its new and used books in Spanish and English, and a sweet collection of bilingual children’s books, but also because it serves as a bulletin board for local events. The staff members are kind and generous with their local tips—it’s here I learn about the baby sea turtle releases that happen around sunset this time of year just up the coast. This shop also buys and trades for already-read used books, in case you are traveling with books.

Back in the car, ice cream keeping us cool in the heat, we drive back to our camp in El Pescadero, high on life and a good meal and the incredible views of the Sierra de La Laguna mountains that the 19 south offers up.

Neveria Rocco Todos Santos