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Vehicle Permit Requirements for Driving in Baja

If you are only driving in the Baja Peninsula, you do not need to get a Mexico vehicle permit.

The entire Baja Peninsula is considered part of Mexico Free Zone, meaning your are not required to get a temporary vehicle import permit if you plan to drive your US or Canadian registered vehicle in Baja.

However, if you plan to drive to mainland Mexico, you will need to get a Mexican temporary vehicle import permit. Many people drive through Baja and then take a ferry to mainland Mexico from Baja. If you plan to take the ferry with your vehicle, you should get a vehicle permit before you enter Mexico or upon entering Mexico.

Read more about how to acquire your Mexican vehicle permit.

If you are going to drive south of Ensenada, or you plan to be in Baja for more than 72 hours, you will need to get a Mexico Tourist Visa for each person in your travel group.