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Driving to Guerrero Negro, Baja Sur, Mexico

Guerrero Negro is located just south of the California Baja Sur state border (this is about 450 miles south of the US border). You can expect to come to a military checkpoint soon after crossing the state line, so make sure to have your Tourist Cards ready.

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Although a lot of Baja travelers simply drive through Guerrero Negro on their way to other towns, Guerrero Negro does have some interesting attractions that could be worth stopping for:

Whale Watching:

Some of the best whale watching in the world takes place in the shallow warm water lagoons surrounding Guerrero Negro. These lagoons are a favorite wintering site for gray whales, and the females give birth to their calves here between January and March. If you are in Guerrero Negro during this time, there will be a number of local fisherman and tour operators who are licensed to lead whale watching tours for the public. You can easily find information about these tours at local hotels and restaurants.

Salt Production Facility:

Located at Guerrero Negro Lagoon, Exportadora de Sal is the world's largest salt productions facility. The salt is produced by first channeling seawater into hundreds of shallow ponds. The seawater then quickly evaporates in the hot sun, and the salt that is left behind is harvested. You will need to obtain a permit from Exportadora de Sal if you wish to tour the facility.

Transpeninsular Highway - Mexico 1:

The Transpeninsular Highway or Mexico 1 was completed in 1973. The two lane (one lane in each direction) highway was designed to accommodate two passing semi-trucks heading in opposite directions with hardly any extra room to spare on either side. Today, the highway remains the same narrow width, and for most of the journey there is little to no shoulder. Although thousands of tourists safely make the Transpeninsular trip with their RVs or full size trucks towing large 5th wheel trailers, you will need to be incredibly cautious if you plan to make the drive with a large rig.

The speed limit for most of the two lane portions of Mexico 1 is just under 50 mph (80 kilometers per hour), and it is highly recommended that you do not exceed this speed. Mexico 1 is about as dangerous as it is beautiful, so don't plan on setting any speed records. It is also strongly recommended that you break up the 1,000 mile trip into at least three days of travel and DO NOT DRIVE MEXICO 1 AFTER DARK! Please see: Driving in Mexico Safety Tips, Mexico Fuel, Baja Driving Distances, Topes, for further information.

Guerrero Negro Road Map

Guerrero Negro Map