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Bringing Your Pets From Mexico Back Into the United States

Pets from Mexico into USA

Do you plan to bring a pet on your next Mexican vacation?

If so, read the following information about bringing animals back into the United States. All pets, regardless of their origin, must undergo certain procedures at U.S. ports of entry. That includes the Mexican border. You can find information about importing common pets within this article.

You will also want to read information on how to bring your pet into Mexico - crossing the border from the US into Mexico with your pet.

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Coming Home With Dogs

After your trip, re-entering the United States with your dog should be fairly simple if you remember to do one very important thing. You need to provide a certificate of rabies vaccination obtained within 12 months of your trip, but no less than 30 days prior to re-entry into the U.S. After presenting the document, your dog will have to pass a physical examination as well.

Lets say you do not meet the vaccination requirements. Now what? If your pet was vaccinated less than 30 days before your re-entry, it will be contained at a place of your choosing until the remaining days have passed.

Did vaccination completely skip your mind? In this case, your pet will be quarantined immediately at a chosen location. You will then have four days after arriving at your final destination, but no more than 10 days after re-entry into the states, to get him vaccinated. Sadly, your pet will have to be quarantined for a total of 30 days to complete the process. Imagining those sad eyes is reason enough to make sure you get him vaccinated before you go and bring proof of vaccination with you.

What if you are traveling with someone who uses a trained dog for assistance, like a certified Seeing Eye Dog? According to the CDC, there are no exceptions for any dogs entering the United States. In this case, planning ahead to make sure your dog will clear the border inspection is even more important.

Bringing Cats Back

If you are a cat owner, you must have your cat examined although you do not need to provide any certificates upon re-entry. Any animal that fails to pass examinations will require further inspections by a veterinarian at your expense so keep kitty looking bright and cheerful and seek veterinary attention in Mexico before coming home if she gets sick. If you have any further questions, more information can be found at the Worldwide Travel Guide for Pet Owners.

A New Home For A New Pet

Much to your surprise, a new member has joined the family on your Mexican vacation. The kids are pleading to bring it home, but you better know a few tips before making the big decision. While cats are much simpler to bring in to the U.S., adopting a Mexican puppy can be difficult unless you know the procedure.

If your puppy is little, it will have to be quarantined until it is at least three months old. At that point you will have to pay to have it vaccinated and then wait another 30 days until you can bring home your cuddly new friend. You are then considered an "importer" and required to abide by the vaccination and confinement guidelines determined at your time of entry. Importing dogs for commercial use or breeding purposes falls under the same CDC regulation.

So pack up your travel kit for your dog or cat and enjoy your drive to Mexico, knowing you will be able to bring your best friend back home with little or no trouble at all.