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Bringing Pets to Mexico

Bring Pets into Mexico

When you are driving to Mexico for business or pleasure, you might want to take along your favorite pets.

As always, make sure to purchase your Mexican insurance before entering Mexico, as it is one less thing for you and your furry companions to worry about. The easiest way to acquire your Mexican car insurance is to purchase your policy online before you leave on your trip to Mexico. Get a quote and purchase policy

You may enter Mexico with two cats or dogs, but you will need a letter from a veterinarian stating that they have received a rabies vaccination and a distemper vaccination. Also, ONLY cats and dogs are allowed to enter. So leave your pet koala bear, snake or Komodo dragon at home.

Here is some more practical advice for bringing your dog or cat along

Bring a first aid kit designed for your pet. If your cat or dog gets a tick and you are not near a vet, this kit will help you remove it. You can typically purchase a first aid kit for your pet at your US vet office. Put your pet on heartworm medicine. Dogs pick up heartworms quickly and easily when they are running around in rural places.

Give your pet flea control medication. Especially if you are hoping to keep your pet with you in the hotel or motel. This will make your stay (and the stay of future hotel guests) more pleasant. And prevent him from picking up fleas from the last guest.

Make a list of your pet's favorite (and most needed) items, such as:

Check it carefully before you leave and pack it all so as not to spend the trip with a howling dog without his favorite tennis ball or cat that misses her catnip mouse. Also, be sure to check it against our list of items you should take in your car.

Tips to consider while your pet is in Mexico