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Mexico Travel Packing List
Essential Items to Bring on Your Mexican Road Trip

Three Helpful Lists of Things to Pack for Your Mexican Road Adventure

This page is designed to help you remember to bring a number of essential items with you on your Mexican road trip. There are three lists you should consider:

Essential Items for Every Trip to Mexico

No matter how short your trip to Mexico is, you do not want to forget these items.

Beach & Recreational Trip Items to Consider Bringing

If you are traveling to Mexico for fun in the sun, you may want to consider bringing these items:

Automobile Repair Kit and Emergency Items

When driving in Mexico, you should always plan ahead for emergencies.

One of the most important first steps in protection yourself is to purchase quality Mexican auto insurance. Our Mexican insurance includes road assistance and travel assistance at no extra charge, so this is an incredible help in the unfortunate event that your vehicle breaks down, is stolen, or is involved in an accident.

You also want to bring a number of items that can help get you through any surprises or emergencies: