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Map and Driving Distances for Sonora, Mexico

Sonora Map

Driving Destinations in Sonora, Mexico

There are many popular destinations that are easily accessed by car in the state of Sonora, Mexico. The most popular destination for US tourists is the town of Puerto Penasco (also called Rocky Point). Other favorite destinations include San Carlos and Guaymas.

Make sure to visit the Guaymas / San Carlos Tourism Website for more travel information about this great destination: http://www.go2sancarlos.com/index.php

Driving Distances from the US border

Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) from the border town of Lukeville = 60 miles

San Carlos from the border town of Nogales = 260 miles

Read about the newly constructed Sonoran Coastal Highway - La Costera - which cuts the driving time from Califronia and Western Arizona to the Sonoran Coast.