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Mexico Fishing Charters

Baja North

You don't have to fly halfway around the world to find excellent ocean fishing. Northern Baja has some of the world's best fishing just a short drive across the US / Mexico border.

The Midriff area in the Sea of Cortez is one of the best spots for yellow tail. The Pacific Coast of northern Baja also has excellent sportfishing areas. Even though Ensenada and the surrounding areas have been fished commercially for decades, there are still some excellent sportfishing areas. One fun areas is the Isla de Todos Santos which is also a world renowned big wave surfing spot off the coast of Ensenada. Mostly great bottom fishing, but there are also good kelp fishing spots and opportunities for yellow tail and tuna at certain times of the year.

Tony Reyes Fishing Tours - San Felipe, Baja

Phone: (714) 538-8010
Website: http://www.tonyreyes.com

Sergio's Sportfishing Center - Ensenada, Baja

Phone: 800-336-5454
Website: http://www.sergiosfishing.com

Baja Sur

Although there are many excellent fishing spots in southern Baja, one area is world renowned for its marlin and other trophy fish. Cabo San Lucas, located at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, has some of the best marlin fishing on the planet. Cabo San Lucas is also a major tourist destination, so there are numerous sportfishing charter services to accommodate the crowds.

Southern Baja also has many other exciting fishing areas on both the Pacific Coast and the in the Sea of Cortez.

Bad Company Sportfishing - Cabo San Lucas

Phone: 619-251-2910
Website: http://www.badcompanysportfishing.com

Marlin Masters Sportfishing - Cabo San Lucas

Phone: 770-573-0334 US
Website: http://www.marlinmasterssportfishing.com