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Whale Watching in Baja, Mexico

Baja whale

From December through March, Mexico's Baja coastline gets some rather large visitors to the bright blue Pacific waters. One of Earth's largest animals, the Gray Whale travels nearly 4,000 miles from Alaska for the long winter stay, enabling motorists who journey along Mexico's stunning Pacific coast to witness their majesty.

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Beginning in October, Gray Whales migrate from the Bering and Chukchi seas off the coast of Alaska and head for warmer waters. By mid-December to January most of the whales can be found off the coast of California where they first start crossing into Mexico. These whales grow as large as 50 feet and reach weights of 36 tons. Gray Whales lucky enough to avoid trouble in the seas can expect to make the annual journey to Mexico's warm waters 50-60 times in their life.

Witnessing whales along the Pacific coastline is always an incredibly special event. Whether you spot the spray erupting from their blowholes or see them launch out of the water -known as spy hopping -it feels humbling to observe such massive creatures in action. If you really want a special experience however, make sure to book a whale-watching trip during your Mexican vacation. It'll give you the chance to see them up close where you can truly appreciate their superior size.

The absolute best whale watching areas in Baja are the lagoons where the whales come to mate and give birth to their calves. These calm warm waters about halfway down the Baja Peninsula near Guerrero Negro are the destination spot for the majority of the Baja gray whales. The three main lagoons are Laguna Ojo de Liebre, Laguna San Ignacio, and Bahia Magdalena. All three of these lagoons offer professional whale watching boat rides, and there are almost always chances to get up close and personal with the whales. Encounters where whale watchers can physically 'pet' the whales is not uncommon. There are many tour companies who offer all inclusive whale watching vacations.

If you are not able to trek as far south as the lagoons, your best bet for whale watching is out of Ensenada. There are several companies that run charters from this area which can be easily booked from most hotels.

During the whole trip you will be out on the boat deck capturing your amazing time with the whales, so make sure to pack a camera and some sunscreen! While you're out on the water, it's also a great chance to check out the stunning Baja coastline and all the other wildlife the sea has to offer. You will likely see dolphins, sea birds and other marine animals during your tour making the experience even more special. You won't want to miss out on this amazing excursion, so plan your trip early!