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Sonora Vehicle Permits
Free Zone for Puerto Penasco and San Carlos

Sonora Map

You no longer have to get any type of vehicle permit if you are only going to Puerto Penasco or San Carlos.

The Sonora Free Zone recently has been expanded to as far south as San Carlos/Guaymas. Please see the Sonora Free Zone Map below. This Free Zone also applies to Tourist Cards.

However, if you plan to drive outside the Sonora Free Zone, you will need to get either a Sonora Only Vehicle Permit or a Vehicle Permit for all of mainland Mexico.

Sonora Only Vehicle Permit:

The state of Sonora operates a program known as "Sonora Only" for visitors who stay only in the state of Sonora. The "Sonora Only" permit requires less documentation than the standard 'Mainland Mexico Vehicle Permit', and the 'Sonora Only' permit is free. (The need for a credit card is also waived).

All of Mexico Vehicle Permit:

If you plan to travel in mainland Mexico outside of the state of Sonora, you will need to get the standard Mexico Vehicle Permit. Read more about how to acquire your Mexican vehicle permit.