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Helpful Mexico Travel Information

Below are Mexico travel information pages that can come in handy for preparing to to travel to Mexico.

Mexico Peso Exchange Rate

Over the past few years, the Mexican peso has fluctuated around 10-13 pesos per US dollar. While shopping in Mexico, you should always keep in mind that the ballpark exchange rate is around 10 pesos per dollar. This comes in handy especially when shopping at the local markets and and purchasing items form street vendors. 100 pesos is around 10 US dollars.

Get today's US Dollar to Mexican Peso

English to Spanish Translation Website

Whether you are needing some help with casual conversation or with translating documents, language translation websites can be a great help. The translations may be a bit awkward and clumsy, they can at least help you get a general idea of what the intent of the source is.

Spanish to English translation website

Mexican Telephone Area Codes and Dialing Instructions

Before traveling to Mexico, you should be aware of how to use telephones in Mexico. In case of emergency, this could be very important.

Mexican telephone area codes

Using Mexican telephones, cell phones, and satellite phones

How to report a Mexican auto insurance claim in Mexico