K38 Surf Spot, Baja, Mexico

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K-38 and Surrounding Surf Breaks - Baja Surf Spots

K-38 is a famous cluster of excellent surf breaks located at Kilometer 38 of the Baja Highway 1.

Anyone who has surfed northern Baja knows K-38. It is famous because it is almost always surfable, and when it gets big, it is really good. There are four main breaks in the K-38 neighborhood. The Point, The Left, Maria's, and Theresa's - also called El Morro after the restaurant in front of the break.

The Point is known for its long rides - sometimes up to 200 yards. Depending on the conditions, it can be ridden with a long or shortboard. The Left is not a stellar left, but on some days it is workable. Maria's is the beginner wave, but can be fun and it breaks consistently. Theresa's - or El Morro is the most aggressive break in the community, and is mostly a shortboard wave. Theresa's is workable up to double overhead, and can make for epic sessions when it is really good.

Because K-38 is well known, and it is easily accessible - it has a tendency to be crowded - especially on weekends. If you can escape for a Baja surf trip during the weekdays during the winter, you may have a lot more wave to yourself at K-38.

Make sure to wear your booties here because it is rocky and encrusted with sea urchins. Many surfers have paddled out barefoot while the tide is up, then torn their feet to shreds coming in when the tide is lower.

K-38 is very easy to find. You want to exit from the toll highway to the free highway (they run parallel to each other) little south of Rosarito Beach - the exit sign should mention Calafia, Las Rocas, Popotla, etc. Once on the free road, you will drive about 15 minutes south of Rosarito Beach. K-38 is just a little past Calafia. A few markers to look for when approaching K-38: A giant Jesus statue perched on the hill, the Las Rocas Hotel, Taco Surf restaurant, and of course, the K-38 highway marker!

For parking, try to find secure parking at the hotel or if you see any pay parking with a security guard. Cars have been known to disappear in this area, so be smart. Paying $5 for parking is nothing compared to the pain of having your vehicle stolen!

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