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Surfing in Baja - Baja Surf Locations

Baja Surf

Baja has over 1,000 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline with hundreds of incredible surf spots!

Before you take off on your Baja surf safari, make sure to purchase your Mexican auto insurance online! We insure thousands of surfers every year who go on Baja surf quests, and we include many special benefits that surfers especially appreciate. We automatically include medical evacuation and airplane tickets home if your car is not drivable. So we have you covered even when you are traveling to some of the remote surf spots in Baja.

There are 4 major surf areas in Baja that we will attempt to cover

Day and Weekend Trips - Surf Spots Close to the US Border

These surf spots are located between Tijuana and Ensenada. Ensenada is just about 70 miles south of the border, so all of these locations are within 20 minutes to 90 minutes drive from the border crossing. Many of these locations are high quality surf breaks with easy access. But the easy access can also mean crowds, crime, and potential pollution. If you only have a day or two, these are your best bets.

Northern Baja Surf Map - Day and Weekend Surf Trips Map

Longer Trips - The 7 Sisters Area

Serious Surf Destinations - Scorpion Bay (Bahia San Juanico)

Cabo San Lucas Area and Todos Santos Surf Spots